Gay Rule #32: Don’t put your water bottle next to your bottle of lube.

Yes, I realize that this rule has some fairly obvious story or reasoning behind it. And I know what you’re thinking: Who would be stupid enough to drink from their lube bottle by mistake?

That would be yours truly 🙂 Wait … sorry, that should be a frowny face 😦

(WARNING: Some mature themes after the jump. And a few before: penis, cock, boobies, twat, buttsecks.) Continue reading


Gay Rule #112: When choosing a wine to go with s’mores, a sweet, white wine is preferable.

Firstly, I know very, very little about wine and wine/food match making. Yes, I’m a horrible gay. BUT! The internet is a great teacher and after some searching and trial and error you too can match wine with food! 😀 The particular food we’re going to match today is some good ole’ campfire s’mores! Continue reading

Gay Rule #17: Bi-Guys = Heartbreak

Firstly, this isn’t me bashing on the Bi-Guys. Bisexual men get a lot of crap from both camps (The campy and the campless) and I feel sorry for them. Many breeders and gays think bisexuality is an “out” and that gay men use it to stay half in the closet or hold on to their masculinity. I believe in bisexuality.

I also believe it’s completely hypocritical of any gay to judge anybody on their sexual preference. It’s real and there’s no shame in it. So be Bi and proud and go for whatever genitalia and whoever is attached to it you want!

So, why the rule? Simple, it’s easier to date a girl than a guy. Society still isn’t adhering to the “Gay Agenda” no matter how much we force it and it’s easier to walk down the street holding hands with someone of the opposite sex. When faced with the option of dating and relationships most bi-guys(Is anyone else thinking of the Shy Guys from Mario when they read that? No? Ok) will date girls and hook-up with guys on the side or on the DL. How often have you seen an online profile about a closeted bi-guy who only fucks dudes on the side? At least those guys have the stones to warn you about what you’re getting into.

Some bi-guys will often have a friends-with-benefits situation with another boy but those relationships are usually ended if the bi-guy feels overwhelmed, attached, or fears that the gay is too into it(Picture Natalie Portman in “No Strings Attached”). Does it sound like a bad Logo flick? Yes. But it happens all too often … 

Thus, I have created this rule! Is it absolute and finite?  … No. But it is a word of caution I feel I must depart to you before you get involved with a bi-guy. Now, the same can be said for any guy/girl, anyone can break your heart. But all the experience I’ve had with bi guys has been fun and frivolous and heartbreaking.